A gristly set of photos has been circling the web recently on reddit and the photo site imgur portraying the violent conclusion to a wildlife brawl in Glacier National Park.

The images are about four years old, and as far as can be determined, originally appeared on the website Outdoor Living where they were uploaded by blogger Andrew McKean.

Warning! The photos in the link below are disturbing examples of how brutal nature can be. Bighorn sheep are keen climbers, capable of navigating some of the most treacherous cliff faces that Glacier National Park has to offer. However, even a bighorn sheep is no match for the impact of both gravity and a full-grown mountain lion.

As the broken horns and fractured bones suggest, the mountain lion attacked the bighorn sheep while looking for an easy meal, and wound up pushing his victim just a few inches too far. Both ended up plummeting far enough to spell instant death. The mountain lion even appears to have had his last meal, though there wasn't enough time to swallow.

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