After pleading guilty to 2nd degree murder and receiving a 30 year prison sentence for pushing her husband off of a cliff in Glacier National Park, Jordan Graham now wants to appeal the entire case to a higher court.

In a notice released Thursday afternoon, April 10, Graham's lawyers lay out the case for appeal, focusing largely on issues pertaining to sentencing.

Graham's attorneys say that the sentencing did not take into account Graham's acceptance of responsibility for pushing her husband. They also focus on the charges of first degree murder, which were supposed to have been dropped with prejudice after Graham accepted a plea deal, but, they argue, continued to pop up in the Government's push for a life sentence for Graham.

In the days before sentencing, Graham attempted to drop her guilty plea for many of the same reasons, arguing that the government had failed to uphold its end of the plea deal by not dropping arguments for a life sentence based on the first degree murder charge.

The appeal request highlights the failed attempt to drop the guilty plea as one of a number of causes for appeal.

Graham is currently being held in the Missoula county jail, awaiting transport to a federal prison.