Missoula Girl Scout leaders delivered 600 boxes of cookies to the healthcare staff at Providence St. Patrick Hospital on Monday afternoon.

Marketing and Communications Manager for Girl Scouts of Montana, Kristi Osterlund provided details of the gift.

“We are making donations to 13 hospitals across Montana and Wyoming,” said Osterlund. “We are delivering about 600 boxes of cookies to each hospital to provide a sweet treat to our healthcare workers on the front line. We want them to know that they are being thought of and that they and their work are appreciated.”

Osterlund acknowledged that the hospital buildings themselves have limited access to the public to keep the COVID 19 virus from have access to patients and staff.

“We are working mainly with foundations of the various hospitals and clinics,” she said. “We’ve given the cookies to the foundations and they will work with supervisors of the various departments to come and get those cookies and disseminate them. We’re being safe and vary respectful of the social distancing aspect that is currently required.”

Osterlund said their most popular cookies are being donated to healthcare workers.

“We are donating 600 boxes, that’s 50 cases of Girl Scout cookies, and they will get a variety of all the cookies that we do have,” she said. “We’ll have a few more Samoans and Thin Mints as those do happen to be the favorites and these come through donations. People who aren’t able to or just don’t want to eat the cookies themselves can still support the Girl Scouts by purchasing and then donating the cookies to our hometown heroes.”

Osterlund said once the ban on direct sales is lifted the Girl Scouts will continue to donate boxes of cookies to healthcare providers in person.





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