Missoula County Public Schools high school seniors will have the opportunity to apply for college during the school day with many two and four-year Montana colleges waiving their application fees during Montana Gear Up Application Week, November 11-15.

"This is really exciting. It's a new announcement," said Director of Technology and Communications for Missoula School District One Hatton Littman. "We've got a host of colleges in the state of Montana that are waiving their application fees, and we've got high schools across the district that are supporting these students and completing these applications all week long."

Application fees can be a financial hardship for some students, especially those applying to multiple colleges.

"Application fees for colleges and universities can be anywhere from $100 to $250 dollars," Littman said. "Add to that, the students are getting support from FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) counselors in completing the financial aid forms, and they're also getting support in completing their college essays, along with the full application."

Littman advises students and their parents to check their local high school websites, or the Montana Gear Up website for more information.

"Parents are already receiving information from their schools directly, and in fact, one of our high schools just hosted an open house for parents this week," Littman said. "They'll be receiving lots of information about scheduled opportunities to get to these schools and participate in these labs directly from their high schools."

Director of Technology and Communications for Missoula School District One, Hatton Littman:Missou