Gas prices in Montana remain less than the increasing national average. Petroleum Analyst Will Speer, says Montanan’s can expect gas prices to go up as the weather gets nicer.

"Montana was a slightly different story, where gas prices were pretty steady staying at the same price as what they were last week," says Speer. "That's good news for motorers, but on the outlook, although we are paying $1.71 for gas right now in Montana, those prices look to be ticking up in the near future as we make the transition to the more expensive summer blended gasoline."

Speer says low prices can be attributed to the large amount of inventory.

"The US is in the middle of a supply glut," says Speer. "All that extra inventory just go back to your basic supply demand situation. You got a lot of supply and in the winter not much demand so that's allowed prices to get so low. Prices will be ticking up, but not too quickly because the healthy inventory we're seeing."


A price increase is coming, but that doesn’t mean Montanan’s need to rush out and fill up their tanks right away.