Fishing and hunting seasons in Montana are busy times, so making sure you have the right licenses will save time, trouble and money.

FWP Education and Program Manager for Region Two Vivaca Crowser points to the March 1 deadline when many licenses will be available.

“We may have already passed the new year but the new license year is March 1,” said Crowser. “So it's an important date to remember especially because right now we're out still ice fishing or thinking about doing spring fishing. So you want to make sure that March 1 or before you head out that you get your new hunting and fishing licenses.”

Crowser said the methods for getting a license haven’t changed for some time.

“There's not much that has changed in terms of how to get your license, you can of course, get that online,” she said. “That's pretty easy to do from your phone or your computer, so go ahead and do it that way if that's what works for you. Otherwise you can stop by a Fish, Wildlife and Parks office or any licensed provider that you're used to going to and get your license there.”

Crowser details the various hunting seasons coming up for 2021.

“The April 1 application deadline has to do with deer and elk, and in general it's bucks and bulls,” she said. “So some of those districts where there are special licenses or permits for bucks and bulls, that deadline is April 1, and then May 1is the deadline for moose, sheep and goats. And then the June 1 is deer, elk and antelope, and that tends to be more with deer and elk antlerless opportunities and then all the antelope licenses.”

Crowser said the new hunting regulations are due to be published soon.

“They do break out by category and there's time to review all that once the regulations come out, and they're at the press right now,” she said. “So their new regulations come out right around the time of the new license year and then you’ll have about a month to check out all those special license and permit opportunities and decide what you want to apply for.”

Get more details about the upcoming hunting seasons here.


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