Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks received several reports Thursday, April 27, about a potential mountain lion crossing Miller Creek. FWP Communications Expert Vivaca Crowser explains.

“Certainly we have lions in lots of spots around town and at least passing through,” said Crowser. “It is not typical that they will stay in an area unless there is a deer down or something that they are feeding on, but this time of year they are more active as things start to green up. You would expect to get some of these reports.”

Crowser says FWP has yet to confirm if folks in fact saw a mountain lion, but she says it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

“It is definitely a good reminder in the dawn and dusk times or around the school commute hours to be extra weary,” Crowser said. “Just remind each other of those safety precautions with lions and know that we live in a place where we have wildlife that will visit us in town sometimes, which is neat, but something to be careful with as well.”

Crowser asks that people continue to report any potential mountain lion sightings.

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