Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton told KGVO News that fugitive murder suspect Brendan Meismer was caught late Wednesday afternoon inside a small trailer in the rugged foothills north of Helena.

In a brief phone conversation, Dutton said one of his many search teams was looking in what he termed a 'high-probability' area, when they came upon a small trailer with the door open. Inside, they found Meismer, still armed with a .45 caliber pistol, but who offered no resistance, and was taken into custody.

"This team happened to stop and see this little homemade metal trailer they had searched before at 6900 Black Sandy Loop, but this time the door was open. As the deputy approached the door at about 5:45 p.m. he spotted the suspect, Branden, inside," Sheriff Dutton said. "There was a SWAT team that was right there and they moved in. He did not resist. He was completely exhausted. He had not eaten or drank any water for over two days"

Dutton continued, "The Cascade County SWAT team had a doctor, so he was provided medical attention. and then transported to St. Peter's Hospital in Helena. He'll be taken to our facility and appear in Lewis and Clark County court tomorrow to face charges."

Dutton was highly complimentary of the many individuals and agencies that participated in the three day search, including the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, The Montana Highway Patrol and dozens of support personnel.

Dutton said he and his team were 'completely exhausted, but happy' now that Meismer is in custody.