During the afternoon of the second day of her murder trial, Jordan Graham's friends, who were with her when she found her husband's body in Glacier National Park, testified about her behavior they viewed as uncharacteristic for the situation.

Graham is accused of pushing her newlywed husband Cody Johnson to his death in Glacier National Park.

Amy Heff was with Graham the first night that she went to look for Johnson in Glacier.

"She was giggling," said Heff from the witness stand. "She didn’t seem worried or interested in looking. Whereas we were all long-faced.”

Hannah Sherrill, another friend of Graham's, testified that Graham took them to where Johnson's body was found because "she had a feeling he was there."

Sherrill said that when Graham discovered the body she declared “Oh my gosh, it’s him.”

Meanwhile, Graham's brother Michael reportedly "freaked" upon seeing the body and was seen "bawling" to such an extent he had to climb up the hill rather than walk because he was so distraught.

Sherrill said that after finding the body Graham said, "Now that we found the body we can have a funeral and the cops can be out of it.”

Sherrill drove the group back home from Glacier the night that they found the body. They were all in Johnson's Audi and Graham said to Hannah, "Don’t speed. This is not my car... but now it is.”

Heff also said that on the drive home Graham was talking incoherently about strange things that she said didn't make sense. For example, Graham said that the kids she watched were really going to need her now that Johnson was gone.

Another close friend of Graham's, Cecillia Lewellen, who went to the same church as her, told of the couple's struggles before Johnson's death during her testimony.

Lewellen said that before he wedding Graham told her that “he felt more strongly about her than she did about him.”

She also testified about the two arguing about sexual intimacy.

“They argued over him wanting to have sex the entire week they were married," Lewellen said. "He wanted her to make him happy, but he didn’t want to make her happy.”


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