The stage is set for the Frenchtown Technology and Industrial Center to open itself to an international market.

Ray Stillwell, manager of M2Green Redevelopment, says the former Smurfit-Stone site in Frenchtown has begun marketing the property world-wide through CBRE, with an emphasis on attracting industrial manufacturers.

The companies M2Green is marketing the site to are oil field equipment manufacturing, technology and chemical bio-mass manufacturing operations and emerging technology enterprises poised for commercialization.

Stillwell says CBRE will market the following attributes..more than a million square feet of building infrastructure, numerous rail spurs and loading areas, a woodyard capable of processing one-million tons of wood per year, electrical service up to 70 megawatts, and water rights up to 25 million gallons a day.

Stillwell is working with Missoula County Commissioners to work around the possible declaration of the site as an EPA  Superfund area, so that marketing may continue despite the designation. Stillwell also says the commissioners are working with the Frenchtown Industrial Center to perhaps offer tax incentives to help bring new business to the site.

Ray Stillwell, manager of M2Green Redevelopment

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