A former employee of an emergency foster care program in Great Falls has been given a deferred sentence after hitting a 7-year-old girl in her care in January 2019. Kay Ann Clark was charged with trying to force-feed the girl and then hitting her in the back of the head and whipping her in the face with a towel.

According to ABC Fox Montana, Clark claimed that her behavior was due to a lack of training received at the foster care center. District Judge Greg Pinski responded by stating, "I don't know [if] it takes any training to know that you don't hit a defenseless child in the head and in the face.This abuse that they suffered is going to be with them. It's not something that they're ever going to forget."

Under the plea agreement that allowed for the deferred sentence, the charge can be dismissed if Clark meets the terms of her probation. Judge Pinski said Clark can no longer work in child care in any capacity and must stay away from all minors, including her grandchildren, until she completes an anger management course.

ABC Fox Montana published a story about the incident that can be found here.

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