Florence-Carlton School in Florence will be closed again tomorrow, September 14. The school was closed on Thursday as well after a fire was located in a locker room in the early morning. Florence Fire Chief Charlie Lambson says that even though a press release from the Sheriff’s Department indicated that there was an electrical fire, fire investigators aren’t quite ready to make that claim.

"What we know is that there was a small fire that was in the lockers in the boy's locker room. The fire was contained by staff from the school and cleaned up by the fire department," Lambson said. "We don't have any determination what the cause was. We can't determine that it was an electrical fire at all, there's no sign of an electrical fire right now."

The good news is the fire was limited in scope         .

"The fire itself wasn't that big, it was limited mostly to one locker and a little bit of the wall. As far as the damage... there was smoke that went throughout the locker room and into the school itself," Lambson said.

It is unclear if the fire was accidental or suspicious, investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

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