48 year-old Stanley Stepanski III was shot and killed by Placer County, California law enforcement after he went on a shooting spree on Tuesday evening in the town of Penryn.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Angela Musallam provides details.

“Tuesday night, the sheriff’s dispatch center received a call of a man driving his Dodge pickup truck recklessly in a Newcastle parking lot where approximately 14 gunshots were heard,” said Musallam. “Numerous shots were fired from the suspect’s truck as it traveled on Rock Springs Road in Penryn, where one house was struck by gunfire. One victim who lives on Rock Springs Road was shot at her doorstep and killed by the suspect. The decedent was identified as 93 year-old Mary Tosty of Penryn.”

Musallum said another gunshot victim was able to drive to a fire station where he was treated by paramedics. She identified the suspect who was from western Montana.

“We’ve identified the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting spree in Placer County as 48 year-old Stanley Stepanski III of Florence, Montana,” she said. “Despite rumors, Stepanski III has no known connection to any of the victims or anyone in the area at this time.”





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