Update- 3/11/13 11:40 a.m.

In a Monday morning interview, Florence-Carlton Superintendent John McGee said he would step down from his position if asked to do so by the school board.

McGee said more than once in the interview that he was sorry for the at least two instances of plagiarism he committed, and that he is looking through the eight years of school publications to determine if there are any others. McGee said he has spoken to high school English classes and shared with them the effects of plagiarism on his career and his credibility as an educator.

He spoke of meeting with the board and seeing their disappointment when he admitted plagiarizing a story related to the Sandy Hook School shootings and said he would abide by whatever decision the five-member board would determine.

McGee said, as of Monday morning, there is nothing on the Tuesday night school board agenda to discuss his situation.

Florence-Carlton Superintendent John McGee

The Florence-Carlton School Board will meet Tuesday and decide on a special meeting to discuss the future of superintendent John McGee, because of numerous alleged instances of plagiarism.

Colby Reynolds is a member of the Florence community who has been instrumental in demanding that McGee be dismissed from his position. Reynolds says McGee has admitted to one or perhaps two instances of plagiarism, but Reynolds insists there have been more. Reynolds also said the the one thing McGee has not done, is to actually apologize for the incidents, although in an interview with KGVO radio's Jon King on February 13, McGee said " I have made mistakes, I admit to those mistakes, and I look forward to doing whatever I can to remedy the situation." He said "I will have to live with this cloak of plagiarism for the rest of my life, and I regret that."

Reynolds said at the time of this interview that board chair Pat Appleby wrote in an email,  "the board members will get the packets that I dropped off at the regular meeting, those items will not be on the agenda, but I am ready to call a special board meeting for that topic. Not sure if that will be next week, need to check with other board members to set the date so we can be sure to have everyone attending."

Reynolds and his group have pressed hard for the school board meeting, and have specifically asked that enough advance notice will be given for members of the community may attend and comment.

Calls to Mr. McGee this week have not been returned.

Colby Reynolds