Snow mixed with rain has caused flooding in both Missoula and Ravalli counties, but some areas are suffering worse than others.

Ron Nicholas from the Ravalli County Office of Emergency Management says that the recent warm weather has caused flooding throughout the valley.

"We have a lot of flooding going on, mainly in the Florence area, but other parts of the valley are experiencing similar types of flooding. We have had reports of water in basements, crawl spaces, and up to homes' front doors, that kind of thing."

Questions about resources or preparedness should be directed to the Ravalli County Office of Emergency Management at 375-6655.

To find sandbags in Ravalli, contact your local fire department.

Fire District Contact Numbers:

Florence Volunteer Fire Department 239-7384

Three Mile Volunteer Fire Department 880-2749

Stevensville Rural Volunteer Fire Department 550-0938

Stevensville City Volunteer Department 531-6355

Victor Volunteer Fire Department 370-1662

Pinesdale Volunteer Fire Department 546-5931

Corvallis Volunteer Fire Department 360-5756

Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department 360-4379

Darby Volunteer Fire Department 381-5114

Sula Volunteer Fire Department 360-1842

West Fork Volunteer Fire Department 821-3138

Painted Rocks Volunteer Fire Department 349-3206

Ravalli locals are asked to use andbags to try to keep the flood at bay as much at possible. Chris Lounsbury of the Missoula county office of Emergency Management says free sandbags are available here too.

"We've been experiencing a lot of rapid snow melts which has caused some concern for flooding for residents and so our county public works department out on training drive just west of the missoula airport off of Highway 10 west has some sandbags that are available for the public if they're interested in picking them up there--just the bags not the sand. Folks will need to get that on their own."

The Missoula office is only open between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


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