Showers and thunderstorms are expected throughout the rest of the week in the Missoula area, but Meterologist Luke Robinson with the National Weather Service said there are more than thunderstorm watches to be aware of this evening.

"It's a flood advisory and we currently have one out for Missoula County, Silver Bow County, Granite County, and Deerlodge," Robinson said. "We are expecting some slow moving thunderstorms and they are expected to put out a lot of rain."

Robinson said poor drainage areas in Silverbow County and burn scars near Missoula County are of most concern, including the Lolo Fire Complex. Robinson said that areas like these can’t take a lot of rain.

"For these burn scars, anything more than a half-inch in say a half an hour or one hour can really start to cause some issues with runoff, mud and rock slides," Robinson said. "If we get one of these storms that develop and sit over say the Lolo Fire Complex, we can probably easily get around an inch."

The advisory is anticipated to extend through the evening.