New HIV cases have been reported in Flathead County over the past two weeks. Flathead County’s Deputy Health Officer Hillary Hanson has more information about the outbreak.

"We’ve had two new HIV case in Flathead County which is a high number for us in such a short period of time," Hanson said. " So what were really doing at this point is well,  we're still in the middle of investigation so we do a contact investigation to see who those folks have been in contact with and see if there’s others that might be at risk for HIV in our community."

While the Flathead County Health Department continues their investigation, they are encouraging Flathead residents to take action.

"Were really just trying to get the word out about HIV testing and making sure folks with any risk factors are seeking HIV testing from either their health department, primary care provider, or wherever they get those health services," Hanson said. "The center for disease and control prevention center actually recommends that anyone thirteen to sixty for have an HIV test.


According to the state department of health and human services there have been ten instances of HIV in Montana this year, which is at the same rate as last year.

HIV tests can be performed at your health care provider. To find your nearest testing center go to