Another Montana county is writing a letter to the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration on the issue of Syrian Refugees. This time, Flathead County is taking up the issue, and, much like Ravalli County before, is taking a stand in opposition to the resettlement of refugees in their county.

Missoula County, which lies between Flathead and Ravalli Counties has also penned a letter, but, rather than asking for the county of Missoula to be taken off of a list of suitable counties for resettlement, the Missoula County request is that Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration consider the benefits of resettling 100 refugees in Missoula County per year.

Below is the Flathead County letter, which was discussed in a standing room only meeting on the morning of March 10.

RE: Resettling of Refugees In Flathead County

Dear Ms. Richard:
The Flathead County Commissioners Oppose the resettling of refugees in Flathead County. The Director of the FBI and DHS have both stated on the record that it is not possible to adequately investigate the legitimacy of each refugee's status. Influxes of refugees will overburden our community's social services, health care agencies, affordable housing, job opportunities and local school districts, many of which carry an impact to our local taxpayers. Therefore, we cannot support the relocation of refugees without a legitimate vetting process and an analysis of refugee impacts to our local community.

Pamela J. Holmquist, Chairman
Philip B. Mitchell, Member
Gary D. Krueger, Member

The commissioners voted unanimously to send the letter.