There are certain candies that you can only get at Christmas time, and there are certain candies that you only eat this time of year too. I have a short list of candies that make my list. You may notice that all of these delicious holiday candies have chocolate. That is because I love chocolate and if I’m going to spend the extra calories on candy, they are going to have chocolate as an ingredient. Sorry upfront to all you candy cane lovers, but it didn’t make my list.

  • Photo courtesy of circulating/flickr
    Photo courtesy of circulating/flickr

    Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries

    These are my second favorite of all the holiday goodies. The thin layer of chocolate surrounding the sugary cherry and juice are perfect. When you eat these, you have to stuff the entire thing in your mouth, or you get delightfully sticky cherry juice running down your face.

  • Photo courtesy of Picture Institute-Bristol Margate Nida London/flickr
    Photo courtesy of Picture Institute-Bristol Margate Nida London/flickr

    Terry’s Chocolate Oranges

    My kids and husband love these. We always got oranges in our stockings when we were kids, and were never too thrilled about it. These give you the orange taste and look along with delicious chocolate. These oranges even have slices.

  • Photo courtesy of xevirodeja/flickr
    Photo courtesy of xevirodeja/flickr

    Ferrero Rocher

    These are by far my favorite holiday candy. This is hazelnut and chocolate heaven in your mouth. The hazelnut and bits of wafer give you that amazing crunch, that perfectly compliment the smoothness of the chocolate.

  • Photo courtesy of Cycrolu/flickr
    Photo courtesy of Cycrolu/flickr

    Lindt Truffles

    These are so rich and yummy. The outside is a thick chocolate shell with a variety of gooey flavors inside. These are too good to pass up, and there is always something for everyone.

  • Photo courtesy of Ghirardelli
    Photo courtesy of Ghirardelli

    Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark

    If you love white chocolate and peppermint, then you have to try this. I am usually not a big white chocolate fan, but the way these two are blended together makes it taste like Christmas in your mouth.

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