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gun control

After Attorney General Tim Fox effectively swept aside the Missoula City Council's controversial gun registration ordinance, the Montana Shooting  Sports Association has offered the council an alternative called 'Education - Not Regulation'.

MSSA President Gary Marbut offered two members of the council the resolution over a week ago, and has now made the information public.

"It's our belief that in these circumstances, firearms education is the solution, not regulation," Marbut said. "With that in mind, I've offered them a package of education options to help all of Missoula be safer with firearms. It's all perfectly legal and will actually move the ball forward for the city council and the people of Missoula."

Marbut said the resolution contains specific information regarding firearms safety.

"It includes a recommendation of support for our 'Be Safe' program firearms education for kids which is approved by the Montana legislature and the OPI," he said. "It includes hunter education and adult education by various instructors in the community, plus it also contains our 'Safe Firearms Sales Guide' for people who are buying and selling firearms by private sales."

Marbut also suggests that the city council publish a guide on its website of all the licensed firearms instructors in Missoula, so that residents can make their own choices about learning firearms safety.


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