Missoula law enforcement agencies were on the lookout last week for two suspects who allegedly smashed car windows at several businesses and stole items such as purses, wallets, checkbooks and credit cards.

Two Florida women were recently apprehended while attempting to cash checks illegally at Missoula banks.

Barbara Graley

They were identified as 25 year-old Carie Boyer and 51 year-old  Barbara Graley. Both appeared in Missoula Justice Court via video from the Missoula County Jail on Friday before substitute Justice of the Peace Shandor Bandaruddin on felony charges of Theft, Forgery, Criminal Mischief and misdemeanor Criminal Trespass.

Deputy County Attorney Meghann Paddock explained why she was asking the judge for bail of $20,000 for both defendants.

“This defendant and her co-defendant are charged with felony forgery, felony criminal mischief and felony theft,” said Paddock. “This was after numerous vehicles had their windows smashed out and thousands of dollars of property stolen from inside those vehicles. They are also alleged to have cashed or attempted to cash thousands of dollars of forged checks, and there were several wigs located in vehicles associated with this defendant, so it’s believed they were using wigs to disguise their appearances. Moreover, your honor, both these individuals are from the state of Florida, and so far as we can tell have no ties whatsoever to this community, so we believe these defendants pose a significant flight risk, and are extremely deceptive and will not be seen again to face justice in the state of Montana if we let them out without the bonding conditions of release requested.”

The defendant, Carie Boyer, told Judge Bandaruddin that she was staying in Kalispell with her grandfather who has cancer and was providing care for him, however, she could not provide any contact information during her jail appearance.

The public defender requested that Boyer be released on her own recognizance and be placed on pretrial supervision.

Paddock requested that both defendants sign a waiver of extradition before they were released, meaning, if they leave Montana, they must allow themselves to be taken into custody and returned to the state where charges are pending.

Judge Bandaruddin agreed to those conditions, and both defendants were released from the Missoula County Jail later that afternoon without bail into pretrial supervision. They are expected to appear in Missoula District Court to be arraigned on the felony charges on February 2.

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