Missoula Police were busy over the weekend, chasing down at least two suspected car thieves. According to police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, yet another car was reported stolen on Monday night, May 21.

"About 9:30 last night, a woman called to report that a man that she has known had taken her vehicle without her permission from the 1400 Block of Burns Street," Welsh said. "She explained that the man was an acquaintance and that he had been responsible for taking her vehicle in the past without her permission."

The suspect was found later that night too, but not in Missoula.

"Missoula Police Department was notified by the Lake County Sheriff's office that they had located the victim's vehicle as well as a male inside, identified as 25-year-old Shane Casey," Welsh said. "The Lake County Sheriff's office transported Mr. Casey back to the county line where the Missoula County Sheriff's office picked him up and transported him to jail."

By the time he arrived back in Missoula, it was the next day. Jail records show that Casey wasn't booked into jail until after 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. Casey was charged with Felony Theft because the value of the vehicle was over $1,500.

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