The Salt Lake Division of the FBI, which includes Montana, has placed digital billboards in Billings and Great Falls to promote the agency's Internet Crime Complaint Center. 

Special Agent Mark Roberts said the center that is known by the acronym IC3 dot gov, has been in existence since 2000.

"The goal of the billboards is just to raise awareness with the public of existence of the website so they know there's an easy and reliable way to report internet-related criminal activity to the FBI," Roberts said. "The website cam about due to the proliferation of internet crime and in order to combat that we are using our limited resources to help the public be able to report illegal internet activity."

Roberts details the FBI's Operation Wellspring.

"Operation Wellspring was an initiative founded in 2013 as a way to work more effectively with our state and local law enforcement partners," he said. "We've developed a cyber task force where we have three full time officers from the Department of Public Safety, and we coordinate special investigations with them and work jointly with them."

Roberts said internet crimes regarding sexual activity or human trafficking are investigated through a different branch.

"While that used to part of the Cyber Squad, it's actually been moved to our violent crime squad, so we do have an entire squad that focuses on child pornography, and they're actively working those investigations."

There are currently ten FBI field offices that have Cyber Task Forces (CTFs) that participate in Operation Wellspring to combat this growing crime.

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