Billings Police and Fire are on the scene of a fatal crash that closed Airport Road just before 3 pm on Thursday afternoon (8/4).

According to a press release from the City of Billings, the closure of Airport Road from the 27th Street roundabout and east to Main Street could last up to 2 hours, which would be approximately 5:30 pm.

The accident was originally reported via social media from @BillingsFire as an accident with injury near the BIL airport intersection at 2:56 pm Thursday afternoon.

At 3:39 pm, Billings Police Sgt. Chaney reported the roads around the airport closed, and confirmed a "fatal crash" had occurred with more updates coming.

Drivers who use these roads around the airport for their commute are asked to find an alternate route until the accident is cleared and the crash team conducts their investigation.

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One person who is flying into the Billings Logan International Airport and was about to land asked via Twitter if 27th Street was open from the airport.

According to a reply from the City of Billings on their Twitter page, traffic out of the airport will be able to leave and "head down to 27th St, you just won't be able to travel on Airport Road."

This story is continuing to develop and will be updated as more information is released from the Billings Police Department.

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