Face of Freedom, a grassroots organization that has organized several protests in Missoula over the past year, will be welcoming protesting truckers that will be traveling through Missoula, first on Sunday, and then again on March 2.

Spokesman Roger Mitchell has details of the Sunday event.

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“There's a group coming out of Hamilton,” said Mitchell. “This is local. They'll be coming up Highway 93 to Missoula and traveling around a circular route in Missoula and then heading back to Hamilton in the same day. So we're going to be meeting them as well, right there on Reserve Street where we have a regular street protest in front of Lowe’s, and they'll be going right by us.”

Another group of truckers will be headed to Missoula on March 2, and Mitchell said these vehicles will be stopping at the Wye on their way to Washington, D.C.

“We are supporting a convoy which is supposed to be coming out of Spokane part of a nationwide movement to send the same message and the same type of movement to Washington DC very soon in March, I believe around the first part of March,” he said. “Part of that group is coming out of Spokane and they're going to be stopping in Missoula out at the Wye, which will be their first stop on their way towards Washington, D.C.”

Mitchell provided a capsule definition of ‘Face of Freedom’.

“We are dedicated to promoting freedom in every aspect of life no matter what it is,” he said. “We work with various groups even though we may not be 100% in lockstep with their philosophical or political viewpoints. If they're interested in freedom we work with them.”

Mitchell said the very idea of government issued mandates is a step away from freedom and a step toward tyranny.

“Mandated vaccinations; mandated masking;  mandated this or that or another thing is an infringement of somebody's liberty, and to tell somebody that they have to bare their arm and get a shot simply because somebody in Washington decided that they should is simply not freedom, and because of that we are against it," he said.

Mitchell and 'Face of Freedom' will be protesting peacefully on Sunday afternoon just off Reserve Street near Lowe’s Home Center. He says all freedom loving individuals are invited to attend.


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