Environment Montana is a statewide citizen funded environmental advocacy group that pushes for clean water, clean air and open space. State Director Skye Borden says they are worried that the proposed Trump budget is going to slash some critical programs for the state of Montana.

“We just released a report this week that tells six stories that we think really accurately describe the good work that the EPA does here,” said Borden. “It is six different projects in the state that have really helped local groups bring clean water to their communities and all of them were paid for with funds that are going to be slashed under Trump’s budget.”

According to Borden, they are focusing most of their attention on four specific EPA grant programs that involve clean water.

“Two different water pollution control grants, a drinking water grant and a super fund grant,” Borden said. “This year, the total for those grants is just a little bit over $8 million and it is going to be cut an estimated $3 million under the Trump budget.”

Borden says the proposed $3 million cut with affect the entire nation and that the super fund related grants in Montana will be hit particularly hard.

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