Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On December 10, 2022, Missoula Police Department Officers were called to the area of Clark and Ernest for a report of a vehicle that was just involved in a hit-and-run collision. Officers were informed that the vehicle that had left the scene would have damage to the front passenger side. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold picks up the story. 

“While responding to the accident, officers were dispatched to a vehicle stuck in the middle of the road in close proximity of the accident, and the driver was described as possibly drunk,” Arnold said. “The damage and vehicle matched the description of the damage and vehicle involved in the hit and run. Officers observed the vehicle stuck in the road and people trying to move the vehicle. Officers identified the driver and noticed indicators of impairment.” 

According to Arnold, the driver was identified as 27-year-old Savanna Hallberg. Court documents indicate Hallberg had slurred speech, was unable to complete divided attention tasks, and had to be asked for the same information repeatedly.

In addition, the officer noted that Hallberg had an odor of alcohol emitting from her person and her eyes were bloodshot and watery.

“The officers became away that two young children were also in the vehicle,” Arnold said. “Officers requested Hallberg perform the Standardized Field Sobriety tests. Hallberg decided to walk away and told officers she was not going to perform the tests in front of her children. While discussing the need to conduct the tests, Hallberg began to spit in the officer’s face, neck, and at his chest.” 

According to court documents, the officer asked dispatch for Hallberg’s DUI history. He found out that Hallberg had a prior refusal for implied consent from July 28, 2022, which resulted in her license being suspended. 

“Officers applied for and were granted a search warrant,” Arnold said. “Additional officers continued the preliminary investigation and took statements from the witnesses and contacted family to come pick up the children. This case is still under investigation with the Missoula Police Department Detective Division.” 

Hallberg was transported to the Missoula County Detention Center. She is currently being charged with two counts of felony child criminal endangerment, driving with a suspended license, and assault with a bodily fluid. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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