The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation keeps tabs on all fires across the country. Right now, eight different regions are dealing with fire, but, according to DNRC Fire Information Officer Crystal Beckman, the fire level in the Rocky Mountain Region is light.

"Every Monday morning, the DNRC has kind of statewide call to find out what's going on in the different regions in Montana," Beckman said. "At that same time, we also take a look at what's going on nationally. The situation report from the Northern Interagency Coordination Center put us as fourth for priority for the region and across the west."

There are three regions facing much more difficult fire seasons.

"The Southern California area is seeing the most significant new fires as of today. Then it moves down into the Great Basin Area," Beckman said. "That includes areas such as Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah. From there, the third highest priority that we have is within the Wyoming area, and Colorado and into Nebraska."

Even though the fire season may be “light,” Beckman said that in the last 24 hours, there were 8 new fire starts reported in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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