Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Senator Steve Daines told KGVO News this week that he was on stage along with Montana Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy at the Trump rally last Friday night.

“It was great to be with President Trump in South Dakota,” began Daines. “He came to Rapid City where Governor Noem met him. “In fact, Governor Noem, myself, and (Senate candidate) Tim Sheehy greeted him off the airplane as they landed in Rapid City. I'll tell you, the President's been so helpful in our fight to retake the U.S. Senate Majority because he knows that without a U.S. Senate Majority when he's reelected president, he can't move his Cabinet nominees or his Supreme Court nominees through. So it's so important that we not only win the White House but also win back to the U.S. Senate."

Senator Daines and Senate Candidate Sheehy were at the Trump Rally in South Dakota

Daines compared the performances of President Trump and now President Biden.

“You look at the contrast of what happened under President Trump's leadership versus President Biden,” he said. “Inflation is now out of control. When President Trump was in office inflation was under control. Look at the border. It is it's out of control with Biden, however, President Trump had secured our southern border and was on his way to getting that wall completed and really securing our nation by securing our borders.”

Daines continued to point out the failings of President Biden.

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Daines Counted Down the Failings of President Biden's Administration

“Look at the geopolitics,” he said. “President Biden has been a disaster. The Afghanistan withdrawal; the Chinese spy balloon, and what he just did in Hanoi at the G20 summit when his team had to shut Joe Biden off because they didn't want him rambling anymore. It's embarrassing America on the world stage.”

Daines Decried the Weaponization of the U.S. Justice Department

Daines railed about the weaponization of the Biden Justice Department against former President Trump.

“Look at the injustice,” he said. “On one hand, you have President Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Biden family involved in an incredible amount of corruption. Then you contrast what's happening there with very little action coming out of the Department of Justice, to what’s happening with President Trump. Think about it. President Biden's Department of Justice is prosecuting his likely political opponent in 2024. These are the kinds of things you see in third world countries, in places like China and Russia, not the United States of America.”

Daines said there will be strict scrutiny over election integrity in 2024.

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