US Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester, as well as US Representative Greg Gianforte, have been working to enact a bipartisan bill to rename a ridge near Emigrant Peak in the Absarokas after four servicemen who lost their lives in a plane crash.

The bill has passed the Senate, thanks to a joint effort from Daines and Tester. Daines delivered a statement in celebration of the bill’s passage in the Senate.

“After almost six decades, we are one step closer to getting these brave men who tragically died in the B-47 Bomber crash in Montana the memorial and recognition they deserve,” Daines said. “I look forward to the bill passing out of the U.S. House and getting this important recognition signed into law.”

Tester also celebrated the passage of the bill.

“Today, we are one step closer to honoring the brave men whose lives were cut short on that tragic night,” Tester stated. “Commemorating this ridge in honor of the servicemen who died there will help them live on in our memories for generations to come.”

Gianforte, who introduced the bill into the House, voiced his support for the legislation as well.

“Capt. Faulconer, Lt. Hixenbaugh, Lt. Sawyers, and Lt. Sutton tragically lost their lives in service to our country,” Gianforte said. “Their sacrifice will be honored and remembered forever with the naming of this ridge. I appreciate Senators Daines and Tester getting this bill through the Senate, and I’ll continue working to move it forward in the House.”

On July 23, 1962, a B-47 Bomber carrying four servicemen crashed into the southwestern ridge of Emigrant Peak, killing all four on board.

The legislation, named the B-47 Ridge Designation Act, is now awaiting passage in the House.

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