According to Missoula Parks and Recreation, Currents Aquatics Center is hosting their annual Springtime Underwater Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 20. Aquatics Program Coordinator Hannah Shepherd says the hunt will being at 10 a.m.

“We use a bunch of those plastic eggs,” Shepherd said. “We fill them up with water so some of them sink, but we also let some of them float on top. We divide kids up into their age groups and they try and collect as many eggs as possible. The more eggs they collect, that determines what kind of prizes they get to pick out.”

According to Shepherd, kids ages four and under will get to participate first. Children ages five to seven will go second and ages eight and up will go last. Kids ages six and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

“We have people just show up on that morning,” Shepherd said. “The cost is the regular pool entry plus $1. For kids six and under, it is $4. For youth 7 to 12, it is $5. For students 13 to 17, it is $5.50. For any adults coming with, it is $7.25.”

Shepherd encourages everyone to swim after the hunt is done. Most of the prizes will be fun for the kids to play with in the water and everyone will get a prize.

Photo Courtesy of Currents Aquatics Center
Photo Courtesy of Currents Aquatics Center