The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department was helped by some crime-fighting snowplows in a high-speed chase on I-90 this morning, December 1. According to Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett, the chase began on North Reserve when Sheriff’s deputies attempted a traffic stop on a woman in a suspected stolen vehicle. The vehicle sped off to I-90 where things took a very dangerous turn.

They were going very fast, top speed was around 110 miles per hour," said Basset. "Montana Highway Patrol assisted in the chase and deployed spike strips at approximately mile marker 95 that popped the front passenger-side tire. She kept driving and eventually crossed the median and started driving westbound in the eastbound lanes which of posed a huge risk to the people in those lanes."

Fearing that a head-on collision would occur, deputies did not cross the median, and then snow plows to block the road.

"The Department of Transportation actually used snowplows to shut down all eastbound traffic as the driver was driving westbound, which kind of forced the driver to cross back over to the appropriate side of the interstate where we had officers waiting, she didn't have anywhere to go and ended up spinning-out," Basset said. "We are so fortunate always with our law enforcement officers, but then to have the Department of Transportation step in and help, it's huge and, no doubt, they saved a life today."

25-year-old Amy Johnson was arrested on multiple charges including eluding a police officer, driving under the influence, theft and criminal endangerment. The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone that may have been run off the road during the chase to call 258-4810 to report what happened to help investigators complete the investigation and ensure all proper charges are filed.