The Copper King Fire near Thompson Falls has grown quite a bit from the 700 acre blaze firefighters encountered on Monday.

"The fire has grown, we're at 1,286 acres, said Fire Information Officer Erin Fryer. "Part of that is due to some active fire burning through the night, but due to some cooler temperatures and overcast skies, crews were able to come in and get in close to the fire to identify some good opportunities to add some direct and indirect line."

So far, the Copper King Fire has triggered no evacuations, but there has been one injury that occurred in the fire camp. Fryer says the fire itself was not the cause of the injury.

"We have a lot of crews making our little home here," Fryer said. "I don't know if you've ever seen a fire camp, but it's quite the operation. He was driving a fence post in to secure some things and the fence post driver caught him in the head and gave him a couple stitches."

There are currently 373 personnel tasked to the Copper King Fire and Fryer says the injured firefighter is doing well and is back in the fight.