With the intense media focus on the impeachment effort of President Donald Trump by the U.S. House of Representatives, KGVO’s Talk Back Program brought back Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson to discuss the issue.

First, Natelson questions the charges leveled against President Trump for attempting to influence a foreign official.

“The grounds that they’re talking about, such as whether the President asked President Zelensky of the Ukraine to investigate an American allegedly tied up in corruption, I don’t see how that’s an impeachable offense,” said Natelson, whose writings have been quoted in several U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Natelson says that since there are no substantive legal charges that the U.S. House of Representatives can bring to bear, they are instead focusing on policy issues they vehemently disagree with as a basis for impeachment.

“What they are trying to do is to get rid of him essentially over policy issues, as far as I can tell,” he said. “That cuts to the heart of the American Constitutional system. The President responsibility is not to the Congress, even if he loses the majority of the Congress, it is to the American people.”

Natelson said that those who are totally focused on the impeachment issue have lost sight of the big picture of the upcoming election.

“One thing that people have a tendency to overlook is that President Trump is likely to have the largest Bank account in history for campaign purposes,” he said. “That money is going to be deployed in a way you don’t see right now. What you see now is the main stream media running a steady drumbeat of anti-Trump material, just wait till the Trump money comes on line, and you’re going to see a very different dynamic playing out in the media.”

To listen to the entire conversation with the Constitutional Fellow of the Independence Institute and frequent contributor to the Epoch Times, Rob Natelson, click this link for the Talk Back Facebook page.


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