Montana Senator Steve Daines issued a statement in response to the violence and deaths in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in support of ending the protest over the election of Joe Biden, while U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale committed to continue his opposition to certification in certain states.

Daines issued the following statement in response to the violence and deaths in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday

“Today is a sad day for our country. The destruction and violence we saw at our Capitol today is an assault on our democracy, our Constitution and the rule of law, and must not be tolerated.  As Americans, we believe in the right to peaceful protest. We must rise above the violence. We must stand together. We will not let today’s violence deter Congress from certifying the election. We must restore confidence in our electoral process. We must, and we will, have a peaceful and orderly transition of power.”


Representative Rosendale released the following statement:

“Today is an absolutely terrible day. I have always condemned and will continue to condemn political violence in all forms. It has no place in our country.

However, I will not be intimidated by mob violence from the left or the right. I will oppose certification of electors from certain disputed states. These votes today were always about preserving and protecting the integrity of our election process, not any candidate. I will continue to work to ensure our elections are free and secure and every legal vote is counted and every fraudulent vote is rejected.

I want to thank law enforcement for their extraordinary bravery and dedication to their duty today.”


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