Missoula Community Medical Center issued a press release on Monday afternoon, April 14, responding to the announcement that St. Patrick Hospital will soon once again offer obstetrics and neo-natal care.

A news release from the public relations department states,

'We are saddened to hear the news of Providence St. Patrick’s move into obstetrics and neonatal intensive care in Missoula. In 1974, Sister Eileen Croghan, then chair of the St. Patrick’s Hospital Governing Board, noted that St. Pat’s was discontinuing all obstetrical services in support of the recommendation of Missoula obstetricians, pediatricians, and family practitioners. Sister Croghan went on to note in the Missoulian article, “If we are pro-life and want to save babies’ lives, can we stand in the way of good neonatal nursing?”

We agree with Sister Croghan and all of the practicing obstetricians and neonatologists who understand the adverse risk a duplicative program at Providence St. Pat’s will introduce to the health of women and children in Western Montana.'

Community Medical Center provided a copy of the Missoulian article from 1974

photo courtesy of Community Medical Center