The leaf collectors of Missoula are strapping up and getting ready for their annual leaf pickup around town starting on Monday. Brian Hensel with the city street department said the pick-up will start in area one.

"Area one is predominantly everything north of downtown, up Grant Creek and Prospect, Ranch Club, a little bit of east Missoula that we have," Hensel said. "It's all on the city website for the leaf collection map and schedule. You can always refer to that throughout the leaf collection season."

To make the collectors’ jobs easier, Hensel is asking the public to comply with parking schedules as well as refraining from throwing large branches and other yard debris into the leaf piles. Putting leaves in the parking lanes only and not in bags is the most helpful to the department.

"I doubt 100 percent of all the leaves are going to be down on Monday, but we have to get started this early, otherwise we don't get through the whole city," Hensel said. "What it means is once we get through the whole schedule, we will return back to area one and start over again. Plus we will take leaf pile requests as the season goes on."

The number to call if you missed the scheduled pick-up day is 406-552-6360.

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