On Saturday, nearly 150 young women from high schools all over the state will be visiting the University of Montana for the Chick Tech High School Program.

Marketing manager Katrina Edmonds described the mission of Chick Tech Missoula.

“We’re a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to training women for the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology based careers,” said Edmonds. “After a recent Chick Tech weekend, 90 percent of the girls reported low confidence in their technical abilities, but after the day was over 62 percent of the participants said they wanted to pursue tech and learning.”

Edmonds said the weekend will be filled with opportunities for young women to get more comfortable with high tech.

“This weekend we’re hosting a high school workshop and we’ve got about 150 nominations from all over western Montana, Ranging from Columbia Falls all the way to the Bitterroot, and so far we have 28 girls registered,” she said. “It’s an all day event with several different workshops. We’ve got ATG hosting a mobile application workshop showing how to build an app, Spectrum Discovery center is hosting a soft circuit workshop, just to expand the knowledge about tech, we basically want to open their horizons about how much fun and how creative it can actually be.”

Edmonds said the high school students will connect with new mentors and develop relationships that will help them continue into the tech industry after graduation.

Find out more about the event by clicking here.

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