61 year-old  Lynda Ashton was arrested and charged with felony theft after a cash box went missing from a local casino early Wednesday morning.

Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh described what happened.

"Early Wednesday morning, officers were called to a casino located in the 3000 block of Brooks Street, where an employee there reported that a cash box had been located in a secure area inside the casino," Welsh said. "He said that he had stepped away from the area for a short time, and when he returned, the cash box was missing."

Welsh said it wasn't difficult to track down the suspect.

"There were only two customers in the casino at the time," he said. "Officers followed up with one of those customers and located the stolen cash box in her residence. She was identified as 61 year-old Lynda Ashton, and she was arrested, charged with felony theft and placed in jail on $50,000 bond.

Welsh said the amount in the cash box exceeded $1,500, so the crime is considered a felony. She was released after posting bond.


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