Drivers on Brooks wanting to access Denny's and Arby's restaurants will have to find an alternate route starting on Wednesday as more construction is necessary to prepare the new entrance to Southgate Mall..

Knife River Project Manager Justin Hubbard outlined the newest changes for travelers on Brooks.

"We're going to close Agnes Street on Wednesday morning, and it will be closed from Brooks Street to Garfield," Hubbard said. "That closure is to reconstruct that intersection at Brooks, so the plan is to put a new signal at that intersection, and so our work is to get ready for that signal."

Along with the narrowing lanes, Hubbard said access to two restaurants will be blocked due to construction.

"The existing access to Denny's off of Brooks Street will be closed as we reconstruct that entry into Denny's," he said. "Access to Denny's will be through South Garfield. For Arby's, we will try to keep that open, but we do have a little bit of work at that approach, so we might be narrowing that up. If we have to, we may end up closing that, and just as at Denny's, the access will be off South Garfield."

Hubbard was emphatic about drivers slowing down and watching for workmen who will be operating very close to traffic.

"Please slow down in those work zones," he said. "We've got guys right there close to traffic, so it would be great if everyone would slow down and watch out for those people trying to get that work completed."

Fines for traffic violations are double in work zones.

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