If you have a 5th grader in your home, the Montana Department of Justice and the Montana Office of Public Instruction are teaming up for the annual ‘Bring our Missing Children Home’ Poster Contest.

Spokesperson for the Montana department of Justice, Anastasia Burton provides details of the contest.

“All 5th graders in Montana are invited to enter,” said Burton. “Just visit our website at www.dojmt.gov and you’ll find the application form there. There are instructions as to what the artwork has to look like in terms of size and materials used, and the entry deadline is February 21st .”

Burton provided some details of the content the Department of Justice is seeking in the posters.

“We’re specifically looking for a message that missing children can be brought home,” she said. “It’s really been interesting over the years to see how different children interpret that theme. There have been some very moving entries, some very creative entries, and some that portray a happy ending. All you have to do is give a 5th grader a little bit of an idea and they’ll just take it from there.”

Burton describes what the winning student will receive.

“That student will receive $100.00 to spend however they wish and then the winning Montana poster gets sent to Washington, D.C. for entry into the national contest. If the Montana poster wins, then the student and their parents and teacher get to go to Washington, D.C. on Missing Children’s Day on May 20th, 2020.”

Since 2003, the Montana Department of Justice has issued 39 AMBER Alerts. All 54 children involved were located; tragically, four of them were deceased. In 2016, Montana began using CodeRED to issue AMBER Alerts.

Send entries to this address:


Montana Department of Justice,  Missing Persons Clearinghouse,                                                          2225 11th Avenue, PO Box 201406, Helena, MT  59620







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