Police departments in Bozeman and on the Montana State University campus are asking for the public's help in identifying a man who is suspected of attempting to place a camera where he could film up women's skirts.

MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke explains what happened.

"Our first report that we got and the subsequent alert that we sent out, indicated that in the victim's viewpoint, an unknown male tried to touch her leg with what she described as a stun gun," Putzke said. "But when we saw video footage, we learned that what it was, was a cellphone, and what we believe he was trying to do was take a picture up under this person's skirt."

Putzke said this is not the first report of such activity by what appears to be one individual.

"We have some reports around the community the last few months about a similarly described person attempting to do the same thing near campus with a cellphone," he said. "All the agencies in Gallatin County work very closely together, so as soon as we get information about a crime, we're all attempting to apprehend this person."

Putzke said the suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5'1" to 5'2" tall, weighing 115-125 pounds. He has a shaved head and a prominent mustache and goatee, and was wearing jeans, a gray shirt, black jacket with gray lettering, and appeared to be in his mid 30's.

Putzke said students and community members are encouraged to contact their law enforcement agencies if they have any information about this individual.

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