The drama is over.

Bobby Hauck has  been named the 37th head football coach for the University of Montana.

Hauck was in Missoula Monday for an interview with Athletic Director Kent Haslam, who said the terms of Hauck's contract were confirmed on Thursday. The official announcement was made at the Canyon Club in Washington Grizzly Stadium on Friday morning.

In the opening comments of both Kent Haslam and Bobby Hauck, they emphasized their displeasure over the treatment that Lisa Davey received from online bloggers for initiating a petition drive seeking to prevent Hauck's hiring.

"There's no room for harassment in Griz nation," Haslam said. "I want to be clear, there's no room for it in college athletics. Lisa Davey is entitled to her opinion. We're known for many things here, most importantly for respect and sportsmanship.We can agree that there's no reason to belittle or harass, and I ask you to condemn that behavior."

In his comments, Hauck also referenced Ms. Davey.

"What's not OK is that I was told this morning that in the paper, Ms. Davey had some commentary," Hauck said. "Everyone has a right to their opinion and she should not have been attacked for sharing those opinions. It's a right of every American to voice them, so we need to treat each other with dignity and respect."

Hauck was Montana's head coach from 2003 to 2009 with an overall record of 80-17, and a 42-7 Big Sky Conference record. Being named the 37th coach is especially meaningful, since the number 37 is the legacy number for the Griz that is only presented to a player from Montana. Hauck was born in Missoula and raised in Big Timber.

He replaces Bob Stitt, who was fired two weeks ago after missing the playoffs, and losing to the Montana State Bobcats for two years in a row.

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