Update: the House approved a one-week extension of funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

A bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for three weeks failed in the House on Friday 203-224. State Budget Director Dan Villa said the state of Montana as well as Governor Steve Bullock are prepared.

"As folks remember, we did not have any implications on state services during the first round of government shutdowns and the governor was happy to announce today that we are prepared for any potential shutdown in the Department of Homeland Security due to congressional inaction," Villa said.

Villa said some state employees are partially funded through the DHS.

"Given that we have a strong 'rainy day' fund and good fiscal management, we'll be able to weather the storm and any temporary shutdown in federal funds," Villa said. "So that folks like your county disaster and emergency services coordinators won't have to be furloughed, or our employees at Fort Harrison who cope and deal with spring flooding or any other natural disasters that happen in Montana."

DHS was reported to run out of money at midnight Friday night.

During the last government shutdown, Villa said the governor’s office was able to “sufficiently move resources around” so that it did not cost the state general fund any money. Villa adds that the objective remains the same for this shut down as well.

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