On Tuesday, a substitute teacher at Big Sky High School was removed from a sophomore English class after allegedly making an 'offensive and inappropriate' comment.

MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman issued a press release on Wednesday that laid out the response by officials at the school.

'Upon learning of the incident, the administration of the school immediately removed the substitute from the classroom and initiated an investigation. Additionally, the parents of the students who were the subject of the substitute teacher’s comment were contacted.

MCPS does not condone the use of language which denigrates or marginalizes others. MCPS apologizes for the acts of this substitute and any impact it might have had on the students in the classroom, the students to whom the comment was directed, and everyone in the Big Sky family.

“We go to great lengths to welcome, nurture and develop every single student in our school,” commented the principal Natalie Jaeger. Big Sky faculty and staff believe in the potential of all students. The comment alleged to have been made by this substitute teacher was inappropriate and it does not represent the values and ideals of our staff.” Jaeger added that all freshman students at Big Sky participate in anti-prejudice and conflict reduction training provided by Empower MT. As part of that training, students learn that comments that denigrate or demean others are unacceptable.

The MCPS Human Resources Department is conducting an investigation into the incident. Until the investigation is complete, the substitute teacher will not be eligible for employment as a substitute within the District.'

KGVO has reached out to Big Sky High School Principal Jaeger and Ms. Littman for a comment, but the call had not yet been returned as of 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.