One week ago today, a Reddit user posed a question on the Missoula page simply asking where the best sports bar in town was? Ah! The question asked over and over again, causing eternal opinions! We love these. Lets see what the readers said... 

We will safely assume that this person simply wanted to see the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, and wanted to do it in the best place in town. Who wouldn't, right?

We took the keywords of the conversation, and for every positive review or mention, the bar would score 1 point. This by no means was the end of the poll, because it wasn't really a poll to begin with! It was just a topic we decided to follow and track, and after allowing the conversation to take place for one week we decided to share the results, so far:

Tamarack scores the most so far with 4 points. Reddit Review: "has TVs for days."

Desperadoes scored 3 points. Reddit Review: "good for wings."

Press Box scored 3 points. Reddit Review: "is a sports bar, but I could be mistaken (I don't frequent these places)"

Paradise Falls scored 3 points. Reddit Review: "plenty of screens, good beer on tap, decent eats"

Boomers scored 2 points. Reddit Review: "often less crowded, my go-to"

Thomas Meagher Bar scored 1 point. Reddit Review: "your best choice."

Al & Vic's scored 1 point. Reddit Review: "they do have a few TVs."

James Bar scored 1 point. Reddit Review: "nice atmosphere"

Honorable Mentions (each bar with 1 point)


Iron Horse



Buffalo Wild Wings

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