Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - It may come as no surprise when you find yourself surrounded on your morning commute, that Missoula and Montana’s top-selling used cars in 2023 weren’t cars at all, they’re all trucks.

KGVO looked at the iSeeCars Most Popular Cars Study and discovered that all of the top five best-selling used vehicles were pickup trucks.

Missoula's Favorite Used Cars for 2023 were all Trucks

Coming in at number 5 was the GMC Sierra 1500 at 2.7 percent.

The fourth most popular used vehicle was the Toyota Tacoma at 3.0 percent.

The number three most popular used vehicle was the Dodge Ram 1500 at 3.9 percent.

Coming in at number two was the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup at 4.6 percent.

However, at the very top of the heap was the Ford F-150 pickup, at 7.5 percent.

Coming in at Number One was the Venerable Ford F-150 PIckup

All these trucks include one to five-year-old used car sales.

For the entire state of Montana, the same trucks were top sellers, but in a slightly different order.

For the whole state of Montana, the number five most popular was the Toyota Tacoma at 2.4 percent; number four was the GMC Sierra 1500 at three percent; number three was the Dodge Ram 1500 at three point 2 percent;  the number two vehicle was the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 at five percent,; and at the top of the heap statewide was the best selling pickup truck of all time, the Ford F-150, with 7.7 percent of the overall sales.

The Ford F-150 was once again the Best Selling Vehicle in America

Other numbers of note in the used vehicle study include the fact that the Ford F-150 remained the best-selling used vehicle in America in 2023 and was also the best seller in 34 states and 29 out of the 50 largest metro areas. In passenger cars, the Toyota Corolla jumped five slots from 2022 to 2023, moving from number 13 to number 8 in popularity.

When it comes to electric vehicles; Teslas ranked 1st (Model 3), 2nd (Model Y), 5th (Model S), and 6th (Model X) for best-selling used Electric Vehicles.

So, the next time you travel Highway 93 South from Missoula to the Bitterroot, keep an eye out for the most popular used vehicles sold in Missoula and Montana because they’re all pickup trucks!

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