The Missoula County Attorney’s office was busy again during the first week of March with ten felony cases.

"Two of those were felony fugitive cases out of Washington State," said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. "We had an assault on a developmentally disabled boy that we filed charges on. An incest case. A resisting arrest. There was a fellow who was allegedly carring a concealed weapon, semi-automatic, in the back of his pants after he was convicted and on supervision for felony offenses, and finally a felony drug case involving opiates."

There were at least four felony cases involving people burglarizing, robbing, or fighting over drinks. One man held up a Missoula woman at knife point and stole the drink she was carrying, in another instance, a man entered Jakers Restaurant after it was closed for remodel from fire damages and burglarized alcohol.

"There was a fight at Bayern Brewery and then the defendant went on to allegedly fight with the police that went there to respond. Then we had a felony domestic abuse, the victim in this case involved the suspects brother, who suffered head lacerations, after an argument having to do with food and beverages."

There were ten felony cases altogether, which Pabst says is about the average work load per week for the county Attorney’s office so far this year.

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