Meet Dale Royer. He’s from Jackson, Montana, a town three hours south of Missoula, and a precinct chairman for Beaverhead County. He’s also currently a page at the Republican National Convention. He was nominated by a national committeeman and committeewoman, as well as Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essmann, and later selected by a Republican National Committee to attend the RNC.

"We distribute all of the reading materials to the delegates and alternate delegates at the convention that are out on the floor," Royer said. "We have been doing some service projects and things like that for different charities here in Cleveland."

Royer was also out on the floor when Donald Trump was confirmed as the Republican presidential candidate.

"It's a moment in history, maybe a turning point, but we'll know in November," Royer said. "I met Donald Trump Jr. back in February and he stopped and talked to me a little bit again last night as well as Gov. Rudy Giuliani. Robert Davi is another one. He's an actor."

Royer just graduated from Beaverhead County High School. He will be starting at Univ. of Colorado in Colorado Springs, participating in shotgun shooting, double trap. He just so happens to be an Olympic alternate in that sport this year.

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