Yet another bear attack has occurred in Montana. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Information and Education Manager John Fraley explains.

“This attack is under investigation, but basically a man and his adult daughter were walking along a gated road on F.H. Stoltze property which is about three miles north and east of Whitefish,” said Fraley. “They walked between a female, which is thought to be a grizzly we are not sure, on one side of the road and the cubs on the other side of the road. The female grizzly charged past the adult daughter and attacked the man.”

Bear spray was uses but it wasn’t enough to stop the bear from biting the man’s head as well as other parts.

“When they went in to look last night and this morning they also found a deer carcass,” Fraley said. “The bears were feeding on that carcass and it was just an unfortunate situation getting into that area. The man that was mauled was transported to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. He had non-life threatening injuries, but had bites to the wrist shoulder and head.”

The investigation is still ongoing. FWP thinks the incident is a surprise encounter and it is not likely euthanization will occur.